The philosophy

It's always a small IDEA, that shapes up an imagination into a PHENOMENON,
      ushers in an era of progress and prosperity,
   and constructs a path to achieve NEW Heights!!

About us

With this philosophy in mind AMPS, embarked on the journey in March 1998. We continue to relentlessly pursue our passion for building and nurturing enduring brands. We offer range of creative services to, withstand your brand in today's market.

Our defining quality is our firm belief in the value of brands and the important role they play in consumers' lives. The business of building brands is conducted through a proprietary way of thinking and working.

We offer our valuable services like Exhibition stall designing, Industrial / Products Photography, Website designing, Concept and Brand building, Brochure designing, Graphic designing, Logos designing, Trade show displays to our client to boost their sale.

Who we are

Any organization heavily depends upon advertising & communication strategy for its brand image & sales targets. Often, AD-Agencies have a high-handed attitude & charge exorbitant rates creating an invisible barricade between firms.

This is where AMPS with its optimal approach and resources makes a difference - With innovative concepts and out-of-the-box ideas, AMPS has never failed to hit the mark. With years of experience and expertise in delivering cost-effective advertising solutions, we believe that designs are is the fundamental soul of humanity.

AMPS, equipped with the best minds from the creative and management arena, creates masterpieces out of ordinary. The media personnel(s) are in sync with the changing scenario and time, and the creative team relies heavily on their brain, belief and brief - provided.

The entire team works in tandem towards the realisation of your goal, in accordance with the style, look... you so desperately wish for. That too, at a competitive price.

The entire conceptualisation of your creative assignment involves hours and hours of brainstorming, unlimited minutes of studies from numerous sources supplemented with endless research and development. With only one belief - that your communication reaches to the target audience elegantly, efficiently and effectively.